Friday, July 5, 2013

Paranormal Romance Review: The Shadow by A.G. Porter

The Shadow by AG Porter
Publisher: Self
My Rating: 9/10

Rayna Stone is an eighteen-year-old girl from a small Alabama town that just wants to save a little money for college. In order to do that she has to find a summer job. The problem with that, the only place that is willing to take her is the upscale golf resort of The Landing. This was not her idea of a summer job, being around snobby, rich folks, but when she meets eyes with the owner’s son, Liam, she starts to see the brighter side of things. That is until she’s seeing things that she can’t quite explain and having dreams that are haunted by a being she calls The Shadow.
The Shadow begins to show her things about a few missing girls, that she wished she had never seen. Another chilling fact, her dreams seem to be coming true. As if that isn’t enough, she learns that this ability of hers gives her an insight into what others around her are feeling. Soon after this, Rayna learns that Liam does feel something for her, but even though she wants to tell him she feels the same, something is warning her to stay away. Not because he is dangerous, but because she is.

Want to escape to place of weird, freaky and dangerous things? Welcome to the Landing. I found myself in  this faraway place with Rayna and experiencing the things she experienced. Every time I left the book I was desperate to return. 

The Shadow. An exhilarating book that'll have your heart racing with its mystery and suspense. There's not a moment when you won't be looking over your shoulder while reading. Still despite it's paranormal elements, the book managed to maintain an "untainted" romance, some Nancy Drew type scenes and even some godly elements. I don't know but I liked how prayer was incorporated in the book. It tells us a lot about the main character and even the author. 

The characters will become your friends and some even your enemies. The narrative was extremely well written and entertaining. Being someone who is just now beginning to read paranormal romance, I found that I wouldn't have chosen any other book to introduce me to it. 

Discover a romance like no other. (Really, I haven't seen a book with this type of romance in it. You'll see what I mean when you read it.) True love, horror, mystery, suspense, and the supernatural. Seriously. What makes for a better story? 


  1. This sounds really good. I will have to look in to this. I'm not a horror fan my self but what you had to say about the love story really got in interested.
    Great review!


  2. Thank you for your review, Eboni! I really appreciate your time and your honesty!