About Me

So this is the best part of the blog. The page where I just talk and talk and talk about myself, and its considered normal.

Basically I have justified by book obsession by making a blog about it. Please do not tell my mother.

When I stick up libraries and book stores, the police label me as armed and dangerous, though I prefer the term armed and literate. Most people have described me as quiet but funny, which makes no sense, because funny isn't the opposite of quiet, which defeats the 'but' wedged in there. But I guess that's why I'm armed and literate, and they're not.

I blame my parents. My dad is an author, journalist and literary agent (woah there, buddy!) and my mother let me watch way too much TV. I guess I was just like Matilda and walked to a library blocks away when my age couldn't even be counted on two hands.

Just kidding. Please don't tell Child Protective Services.

Well this is getting long, so I'll be leaving soon. If you're wondering anything else about me, feel free to keep all questions to yourself. Thank you.

Have I scared you away yet? Mission accomplished.

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