Review Policy

Announcement: It is taking me longer to review these days. The time for a book to be read and reviewed is one to three months. Email me for details. 

Announcement: If you clearly did not read and comprehend my policy, your review request is at a high rate for being ignored. The way I ask for review requests is similar for many other book reviewers. Take notice and apply this in the future. 

Announcement: This is primarily a YA Review blog. I will only be excepting Young Adult to New Adult Genres for review. There will be some exception for Middle Grade or Adult Fiction. Contact me for more information.

I no longer respond to all review requests. If you don't receive a response with me either saying yes or no to your email, you can assume the answer is no.

I will not read the following themes:

-Religious Themes
-Vulgar or brutal themes
-Erotica/Adult Themes
-Demon/Angel themes
-Werewolf/Vampire themes
-Demonic Themes (Witchcraft, Exorcisms...)

Yes, I am accepting self published titles right now.

You can contact me at for review requests. Please include a brief description of your book. If you'd like to book blog tour dates, contact me in the same way, though only if I have read your book. I will give an honest review. I do not accept momentary compensation.

Reviewing with us is a great choice for many reasons.

  • It currently is and always will be free. 
  • Our links are all over the web and continue to make their mark daily. You can find us on Technorati, Reddit, and other websites. 
  • We are in collaboration with lots of book tours. 
  • All reviews are published to Goodreads, Library Thing, Amazon, Twitter, and the Indie View. All you have to do is ask!
  • My reviews are a great way to get your review all around the web. 
The best time to request a book review is at the beginning of the month prior to to the month you want the review up. Please remember that book reviews requested on a certain month will go up a month later, due to my tight reviewing schedule. 

So basically, if you request a review in April, it'll go up in May, unless you get to me early. 

Please put lot's of info in your email (publisher, editor, good blurb, author bio, website links, book tours you are a part of, etc). I do not like vague emails and it's not an annoyance for me to read long emails. I sort of enjoy them. 

In your email request, you can put the name of your book, the author, and review request. Please put review request somewhere in the email subject. Thanks. 

Email me with your questions.

Disclaimer: I am not being paid, nor do I accept momentary compensation for any of the views expressed in this blog.

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