Tuesday, October 17, 2017

$20 Amazon Giveaway! Sunrise Station by E.S.P. (yes I wrote another book)

If you noticed I only visit this blog after I release a book, you'd be a hundred percent correct.

But hey, at least I come bearing giveaways for all of my wonderful, supportive followers! I'm a college student now. I barely have time to blink. I do plan on blogging more this year, trust me.

At the end of this summer I released my third book, Sunrise Station, and it would really mean a lot to me for you all to read it! Also there's a $20 giveaway going on, so who wouldn't want that?

Your feedback means a lot to me! If you read, shoot me an email and let me know what you think!

Sunrise Station

by E.S.P.

Genre: YA

Release Date: August 21st 2017

Mind Candy Media

Summary from Goodreads:

Three books. Three women. One incredible ride.
1. Playmate: There’s a first time for everything, and Angel has experienced a lot of firsts. Her first time sneaking out the house. Her first time being kicked out the house. Her first time living on her own. When Angel cheats on her boyfriend with a friend of his, it might be the very first time Angel is completely out of control of her own life. Raw, raunchy, and fragile, Playmate is the story of what happens when you play with fire and fire plays back.
Disclaimer: contains strong language and mature content

2. The Sleeper: Ray has worked in the publishing industry for years. She’s worked on hundreds of manuscripts and knows each and every way a story could end. So when her coworker informs her about a serial killer terrorizing their state, Ray thinks its just another work of fiction. Until they find themselves trapped, abducted and lost in a story with a million twists and the most unpredictable ending of all.
Disclaimer: contains graphic content

3. Sunrise Station: Abigail isn’t unique, eccentric or interesting. She isn’t popular or well known by any means. And that’s okay. Jace is everything Abigail’s not, and that excites her. That captivates her. And when Abigail crosses the line between obsession and self control, she takes a high-school crush to a point she might not be able to turn back from.

Available on Amazon

The clock on the wall reads 3:15. Perfect timing.

And this is where it gets weird.

I pack up quickly and speed walk to my car, out of the parking lot by 3:17, and the radio comes crackling to life.

“Next on Sunshine Station, we have a caller by the name of Grace Whitney. Grace, what’s your favorite summer jam?”

By the time I’m back in the school lot, the baseball team is jogging out the side door to the track. I scan the line, searching for that bouncing head of curly hair.

Jace is at the end of the line. His face always looks serious at practice. His baseball pants fit him well, highlighting his muscular legs and round derriere. I only have eyes for him.

Sadly, this isn’t the weird part.

I wait until the team is completely out on the track to leave my car. Thankfully the track is behind the school and my car can’t be seen from that area. The lot is empty—exactly how I need it.

No one ever bothers to lock the side door, which makes it easy to access the boy’s locker room. The lights are off and it reeks of sweat. I pause and listen to the silence, making sure it’s completely empty.

Once it becomes clear that no one else is in here, I can feel a physical weight dispel off my body. I feel like my guts have been twisted all day, and now there is relief. I am calm. I am home.

I only turn on one of the lights. It’s like a runway strip to Jace’s locker. I can see his backpack, overstuffed and slumped on the floor. A pot of gold.

My hands shake as I unzip the top and pull out his blue varsity jacket. My senses become full with the smell of him. It feels amazingly warm on me, and comforting, like I’m wrapped up in his arms. This is what it would feel like if I were wrapped in his arms. I wish I never had to leave, wish I could be encased in his false embrace forever.

Jace is chronically unorganized. His binder bulges with loose leaf paper and graded tests and random flyers. I thumb through it quickly. A 73 on his calc test—ouch. My baby is not good at math.

He has the pages folded down hard in The Catcher in the Rye. I hate how he doesn’t use bookmarks. He’s not even far in the book; Holden hasn’t even left Pencey yet. I would love to tutor him.

I love Jace’s handwriting. It’s not at all like you’d imagine it. It’s small and scrawled, like a hasty message on the wall of a bathroom. His handwriting is casual, but he’s larger than life.

The three forty-five alarm on my phone goes off. The football team will be arriving soon. It’s time to go.

My eyes well up as I pull off the jacket. The fantasy is over and I am back to not living. The lights are too bright. I feel cold.

About the Author
Being the daughter of an accomplished author, E.S.P. grew up listening to stories and telling her own to classmates. At fourteen years old she self-published her first novel, but feeling like a small fish in the literary pond she quickly removed it from all publishing avenues. After three years of inactivity, Eboni published her second novel, Soft Eyes and Troubled Minds: Literary Works for the Disturbed at Heart, coauthored with a close friend. At the conclusion of her senior year in high school, E.S.P. published her third novel, Sunrise Station, and has much more writing in store. When she's not writing, she's either reading books, talking about books, or watching god-awful movies.
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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Amazon Giveaway! Win Amazon Cash & a signed copy of my book!

Hey readers! I've obviously been less active on this blog, mainly because I've been taking final exams and working on some secret projects (shhh…) that I will reveal to you all soon. Last time I was on here I did reveal my most recent publication, a compilation of poetry and literary works called Soft Eyes and Troubled Minds that I wrote with one of my best friends. And trust me, publishing a book while still in school is NOT easy.

To make up for my absence, I'm giving away a free signed copy of my book along with Amazon cash. Just in case you missed all the information about my book I'll list it below. Be sure to share this giveaway with your friends so everyone has a chance to win!

I think its important to mention that I self published this book at sixteen all by myself. Each poem I poured my heart into. It would really mean a lot to me if you guys could support me by sharing this book with others, giving me feedback, and purchasing copies for friends and family. It has a really strong message and I want everyone to hear it.

Soft Eyes and Troubled Minds is a compilation of poetry and literary works by high school students Eboni Symone Porter and Isaiah Cole Louder. It addresses complex emotions and battles an average teenager deals with everyday. It also deals with depression, suicide, love, betrayal, self-image, stress, and finding happiness. This book was not created to make thousands of dollars, win awards, or attract fame. Its purpose is simply to remind the common person that the storm will pass. Do not be afraid.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Let me know what you guys want to see next on this blog! I can let you know more about how I self published at 14 and then again at 16. I can share some funny storytimes with you. I can bring you guys more giveaways and reviews, because obviously we're always giving things away here. Just let me know what you'd like to see!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

MY SECOND BOOK! Soft Eyes and Troubled Minds official blitz!

I am so excited to announce that during my absence I was working on a very special project of mine. My second book! It has been a dream of mine to publish a book with my best friend and I finally accomplished it. Our book of poetry, Soft Eyes and Troubled Minds, is now available on Amazon and Createspace.

 Even if you don't like poetry, there's a poem for everyone. We took great care in making sure the poems were easy to grasp, quirky, and relatable. For everyone who's been supporting me on this blog since day one, or understands the troubles of self publishing, please show support and purchase our book! I'd love to hear what you think about it.

Soft Eyes and Troubled Minds is a compilation of poetry and literary works by high school students Eboni Symone Porter and Isaiah Cole Louder. It addresses complex emotions and battles an average teenager deals with everyday. It also deals with depression, suicide, love, betrayal, self-image, stress, and finding happiness. This book was not created to make thousands of dollars, win awards, or attract fame. Its purpose is simply to remind the common person that the storm will pass. Do not be afraid.

You can find more information about me and my partner on our website (link above. It a lot better designed than this one, be sure to check it out) Make sure you follow me on Twitter @bloggerESP so you can make sure you get any tour details, coupon codes, and public appearances! And if you want to find out more about the process of making this book, the poems, etc, make sure you hit me up on any of my social media and I will be sure to respond to you!



Those poor, poor single days 
Filled with mixed emotions and desperate haze 
Delusional desire, obsession and fawning 
Causing sleepless nights and morning yawning 

She wanted love, kindness, and affection 
All he had was marijuana and an erection 
Her desperation to love was met with passionless hugs 
And piss colored beer stains on her bedroom rug 

He wanted a playmate for all day and night 
That would keep him satisfied without a fight 
Instead he got a creature with emotion and depth 
With her own desires that would never be met 

Love is not obtainable for it is simply a dream 
That causes not swooning, playmate but the need to scream 
How you disguise this reality is your blatant confusion 
For what you spend your life seeking is just an illusion 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

My fake husband? The Bad Boy Ultimate Blitz and Giveaway!

Bad Boy by J.C. Reed and Jackie Steele
Release Date: February 23rd, 2016
Full length, 350p

I should have seen it coming.
Sexy? Handsome? Trouble? Check, check, and check.
Is he messing up my life? Hell yes.
All the signs are there: he is a bad boy.
Even his name is a lie. Too bad I married him. I can't wait to get divorced. Does this make me sound crazy?
I know I should avoid him, run as fast as I can. However, when a harmless misunderstanding lands me in a foreign prison cell, my dear, lying husband is the only one who can get me out. Crap. I shouldn't accept.
But how to say no to trouble when said trouble is the one who makes me fantasize all the dirty things he could do to me?


Author J.C. REED

BAD BOY by J.C. Reed and Jackie Steele is now available worldwide
on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Rogue: Release Day Blast and Giveaway!

Devil's Duke #1
Katharine Ashe
Releasing February 23rd, 2016
Avon Books

In the first book in Katharine Ashe’s stunning new historical series, to capture a
duke, a lady must first seduce a rogue. 
Lady Constance Read is independent, beautiful, and in need of a husband-now. The
last man on earth she wants is the rogue who broke her heart six years ago,
never mind that his kisses are scorching hot…
Evan Saint-AndrĂ© Sterling is rich, scarred, and finished with women-forever. He’s
not about to lose his head over the bewitching beauty who once turned his life
upside down.
But Constance needs a warrior, and Saint is the perfect man for the job. Only as a
married woman can she penetrate Scotland’s most notorious secret society and
bring a diabolical duke to justice. When Constance and Saint become allies-and
passionate lovers-he’ll risk everything to protect the only woman he has ever

Katharine Ashe is the award-winning author of historical romances that reviewers call “intensely lush” and “sensationally intelligent,” including How to Be a Proper Lady, an Amazon Editors’ Choice for the 10 Best Books of the Year in Romance, and My Lady, My Lord and How to Marry a Highlander, 2015 and 2014 finalists for the prestigious RITA® Award of the Romance Writers of America. Her books are recommended by Publishers Weekly, Women’s World Magazine, Booklist, Library Journal, Kirkus Reviews, Barnes & Noble, and many others, and translated into languages across the world.