Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WoW: Boy Nobody

Boy NobodyGoodreads Description: When his own parents died of not-so-natural causes at the age of eleven, Boy Nobody found himself under the control of The Program, a shadowy government organization that uses brainwashed kids as counter-espionage operatives. But somewhere, deep inside Boy Nobody, is somebody: the boy he once was, the boy who wants normal things (like a real home, his parents back), a boy who wants out. And he just might want those things badly enough to sabotage The Program's next mission.
I actually already read this book but I can't wait for it to be released to the public. The ARC was amazing. The story is so great, especially the ending. The book already has major buzz around it. Its coming out on June 11, so stay tuned! If I find a pre-order link, I'll post it for you guys! Comment below if you want a review!

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