Friday, March 1, 2013

Why I've Stopped Reading James Patterson's Books

Two years ago, I didn't know how I'd survive, waiting for the last Maximum Ride book to come out.
 Now that it has, I got it, but never read it.

Two years ago, I thought Witch and Wizard was the most amazing book ever. Thankfully, I discovered the Gone series (Micheal Grant).

Two years ago, I thought James Patterson was the best author in the freakin' planet. Now I know that he doesn't even write his own books.

Well let's get into why I have killed Jame's Patterson's Teen Fiction from my personal library.

  1. His scheduled book releases are not accurate. Initially, I was told that the last book of the Maximum Ride series, Nevermore, was to be released in February. That month came and went. I discovered that the date was changed to sometime in April. Turns out, the book was released in August. Now if you know you can't release a book at a certain time, don't. I can't imagine how my fans would react if I changed the release date twice. Not that I have fans, anyway. And I can't even tell you how many times I've been told a Maximum Ride movie was going to come out. Now, the Maximum Ride phase has died. Imagine if Suzanne Collins put out the Hunger Games movie in 2017. No one would watch it because all the book chatter has died down. Which is why I don't see James' logic here.
  2. The books seem to be written for children. I know James has an all ages policy for his books. But his science fiction books seem to be written for someone with an attention span much slower than mine. Its constantly action over here and there that the story line, overall, is lost. 
  3. The plot is repetitive. Now I don't know how many times Angel has to get captured for the Maximum Ride gang to say "deuces," and ditch that girl. I remember reading the back of the third W&W book and it said something alone the lines of "prepare for the last battle". I was like, didn't we do that in the last book?
  4. He doesn't write his books. The NY Times says James, at most, co-writes his books. That small name you see under his? That person does the majority of the work. Which I don't understand. I believe that is why his most recent teen fiction sucks my butt. I think he is a talented writer and should write his books himself. 
  5. He draws the story out too much. This is mainly for the Maximum Ride series. At first I thought when in the book, they said Maximum Ride would save the world from ending, I thought I'd be like a mutant battle. Turns out its some global warming crap I don't care a rats a** about.
Overall, I like James Patterson, but he's made some questionable career choices and his reviews for his teen fiction is suffering. So I have chosen to kill James' teen fiction books off my library, but I think I will move onto his adult fiction. It seems as if his books are of still great quality, which makes me happy. 

What do you think? Comment below.

I am also excited to read his Woman's Murder Club books soon. 

Yes, I know. I really am a serial reader. 

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