Friday, March 1, 2013

The Clique VS The Ashley's

I've read the Clique Series by Lisi Harrison in its entirety. I've probably read the first book at least three times. So when my sister brought home the Ashley's book, and due to my lack of reading material, I had no choice to read it. But when I finished, I was like, WTH?
My conclusion was either Lisi Harrison's jealous sister wrote a similar book, Lisi was writing under a pen name, or the Ashley's book is painfully similar to the Clique Series.
The Clique was published before the Ashley's Series (written by Melissa De La Cruz), so we can assume that the author used the Clique as some "inspiration". Which is okay. But not when there's this many similarities. This is the list I came up with, comparing the first book of both series. 

The Clique
The Clique VS The Ashley's
  • Both groups go to an all girl private school.
  • In both stories, there is an all boys private school, where the girls have crushes on boys there. 
  • The first boy-girl party is the main highlight of the story. 
  • An outsider girl strives to become part of the clique. 
  • In both stories, the girls go to the boy's academy to spy on a boy the leader of the clique likes. 
  • The wanna be clique member pretends to be closer to the the boy the alpha likes so she can get into the clique. 
  • The alpha steals the wanna be clique member's idea in both stories. 
  • Both stories are told in the third person in the views of different character's in the story, however, in the Clique, its mainly Claire and Massie.
  • There is one sporty tom-boy in each story.
  • There is a character with large breasts in each story. 
  • In each story, most of the clique is white, excluding one person. (In the Clique, the character is Spanish, and in the Ashley's, the character is of Asian descent, I believe.)
  • One of the clique member's mom dresses in an embarrassing way.
  • In both stories, I believe, it takes until the third book for the wanna be clique member to be excepted. 
  • Designer brands are mentioned constantly throughout the story.
  • Both characters are in the seventh grade.
  • Both characters are eventually involved in reality television in the later books. 
That's all I have so far, but keep in mind, I've read the entire Clique series. I've only read book one and  book two, I think, in the Ashley's. Sorry to trash your book, Melissa, but the similarities here are just ridiculous.

Why the Clique (and originality!) rules:
I can only see myself reading the remainder of the Ashley's series because after I finished the Clique, I was in need of some chick lit. Like quality chick lit. The Clique is better, because the competition for alpha is more intensified. In the Ashley's, I really don't know why the betas take what they do. Plus, the Clique series is full of original ideas that amaze me, puns that make me crack up, and an overall feeling that no book can replace. 

If you read my Review System and Policy, you saw that I either choose to keep or kill a book at the end of a review. So here's the verdict. 

The Clique, I choose to keep on my bookshelf. Its a great book for all teenagers to read and is by far, the best chick lit series I have ever read. 

The Ashley's, I choose to also keep. The Ashley's kind of redeemed themselves in the second book. I am sure that Melissa's creative side will show itself in the later books. If you'd like me to read the other books, comment below. 
So that's it. All this clique nonsense has reminded me how I'll always be out, so I think I'll go into my bed now, cry, and maybe read Lord of the Flies. 

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