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The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks: Review

The Guardian

Goodreads Synopsis:

Julie Barenson's young husband left her two unexpected gifts before he died: a Great Dane puppy named Singer and the promise that he would always be watching over her. Now, four years have passed. Still living in the small town of Swansboro, North Carolina, 29-year-old Julie is emotionally ready to make a commitment to someone again. But who? Should it be Richard Franklin, the handsome, sophisticated engineer who treats her like a queen? Or Mike Harris, the down-to-earth nice guy who was her husband's best friend? Choosing one of them should bring her more happiness than she's had in years. Instead, Julie is soon fighting for her life in a nightmare spawned by a chilling deception and jealousy so poisonous that it has become a murderous desire....

The book begins with Julie a few years after her husband's death. A suitor named Richard catches her attention and they go for a few dates. Not seeing a connection, Julie tries dating her husband's best friend, who has been admiring her for years. Well Richard isn't too happy with that. Turns out he has a hunting past that leaves him destined not to let Julie go, and get rid of anyone that gets in the way of them.

One of the things I liked about this book is it also incorporated a story of dating your close friends, and dating a friend of your ex "lover." Although it is a thriller, it still deals with the concepts of finding love after a tragic event, and I think its wonderful that Sparks managed to add work on a genre that he is not used to.

The suspense created in this book is somewhat...impossible to explain. I bit my fingers along with the thousands of other readers. In my opinion, you either love the book or hate it. Some people may not support Sparks and this romance spin off but I think it was due for change. There are only so many love stories you can create.

I think I've read about three to four Nicholas Sparks books before this one. The book's description was different from the description above. Let's just say, that description did not do the book justice. This book is filled with many twists and turns that leave your eyes peeled to the pages. Although it is no a YA book, it is great for ages 14+ to read. I think Sparks did a wonderful job with this thriller and I will surely be looking out for his name in the future. Plus, I now know how to cover my tracks when following my librarian home. :)

So I choose to keep this book. I might even be rereading it soon. It's that good.

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