Friday, March 1, 2013

Choke by Diana Lopez: Review

Goodreads Summary:

If she could—if her parents would let her—eighth-grader Windy would change everything about herself. She’d get highlights in her hair, a new wardrobe; she’d wear makeup. But nothing ever changes. The mean girls at school are still mean, and Windy’s best friend Elena is still more interested in making up words than talking about boys.
And then one day, Windy gets the change she’s been looking for. New girl Nina—impossibly cool, confident, and not afraid of anyone—starts hanging out with Windy! Nina even wants to be “breath sisters.” Windy isn’t sure what that means, exactly, but she knows she wants to find out. It sounds even better than a BFF.

Windy is right, at first. Being a breath sister gains her a whole new set of friends, girls she feels closer to and cooler with than anyone else. But her inclusion in the new crowd comes at a dangerous price. Windy wants to change everything about her life . . . but is she really willing to give up everything in the process?

This book was basically about a young girl who meets another girl who plays the choking game.This book is written about a girl who lives in a predominantly latino neighborhood. This book deals with the typical girl means popular girl and abandons her loser friend cliche. It also deals with Wendy  deciding where she wants to go in life, as her school is pressuring her to chose high school classes for her future career.

The main character, in my opinion, is a little too immature for someone about to go to high school. 
I think I am  a little out of this book's  league because it was in the middle grade genre, even though the main character is in the eighth grade. Had I been in maybe the sixth grade, perhaps this would be a great book for me, but alas, I am not in the sixth grade. 

The plot is also a little weak. I know that it was supposed to raise awareness about the choking game.  Obviously, there is not far you can go with just that topic. You can tell the author added different things to make it more interesting, but it just wasn't doing it for me. The ending of the story was the typical thing any person with half a brain could predict. 

Being that I am in the process of writing a book (comment if you want a post on that) I have become critical of books a little more, these days. The writing was not excellent, but it was okay. Well the thing is, I can't really judge this book fairly, because it was not meant for my age to read it. So here's the verdict:
For ages 12 and younger, I think they should read this book. It deals with good topics and raises awareness about the choking game. Its an appropriate book for that age. 

For me, I chose to kindly kill this book. You know how newspapers have filler articles. This was like a filler book. A quick read. It was okay. Won't be reading anything from this lady again. Not because she's a bad writer, but because, once again, I'm not twelve or younger. 

So thanks, but I'll pass. 

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