Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sold by Patricia McCormick: Review

SoldSomeone bought me this book and I read it in one night. That's 263 pages, my friend. And this book isn't a one night read.
Although its not as frank as Copper Sun (that review will be up in just a few days!) the book is about the horrors of sex trafficking. Things
 I didn't even know existed were brought to my attention by this book. You probably know that sex trafficking exists but you don't know the details. The horrors. 
Apart from the that, the book was broken up in verses. That's not really my thing but I grinned and bared it. Or is it grun and bared it. I don't think grun is a word. Never mind.
Not my favorite book but I think every YA should read it. Everyone needs a little exposure once  and a while.
Dare to disagree with me? Comment below on your opinion!

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  1. this is a major issue, I have a friend who used to help raise money for victims of this crime. When she told me the statistics it was alarming. It's an issue that should be discussed.