Saturday, March 16, 2013

Book VS Movie: the Hunger Games

As a serial reader, you might feel its your obligation to like books more than movies (along with other things, like Twilight over One Direction.) I am sad to say that I have to swerve my opinion in this one. In the Hunger Games battle between book and movie? 
Its 50/50.
Thought I was going to just choose to movie, huh? Wrong! It is true the book has some aspects that the movie does not. But the truth is, they are almost exactly the same. Call it witchcraft. But the directors managed to capture everything. Everything. I don't know how. But they did. And its starting to alarm me.

If you've read the book and saw the movie, you know the two are almost exactly the same. The movie covered every chapter and such. And they picked the cast extremely well. The movie gave me an incredible visual for the book. Trust me, I've read the book like three times, and saw the movie the very day it came out. I know my stuff.

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