Sunday, March 17, 2013

Copper Sun by Sharon M. Draper: Review

Copper Sun

Amari's life was once perfect. Engaged to the handsomest man in her tribe, adored by her family, and living in a beautiful village, she could not have imagined everything could be taken away from her in an instant. But when slave traders invade her village and brutally murder her entire family, Amari finds herself dragged away to a slave ship headed to the Carolinas, where she is bought by a plantation owner and given to his son as a birthday present.
Survival seems all that Amari can hope for. But then an act of unimaginable cruelty provides her with an opportunity to escape, and with an indentured servant named Polly she flees to Fort Mose, Florida, in search of sanctuary at the Spanish colony. Can the elusive dream of freedom sustain Amari and Polly on their arduous journey, fraught with hardship and danger?

We've all read slavery books before. But they have been sugar coated. It makes it seem bad, but not too bad. This book is different. It deals with rape, death, family, assault and so many other factors. People I know who aren't really readers love this book. It keeps it real but still has some aspect to it that keeps things hopeful. The characters have been well sketched out and the storyline is always a climax.
Open your eyes and read Copper Sun. Because I choose to keep this book. And so will you.

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