Monday, July 22, 2013

Vigilante Nights BLOG TOUR STOP! DOUBLE GIVEAWAY and Review!

Publisher: Merit Press

A "good boy" will do anything for vengeance when a gang rite kills his twin sister. Will Lucas win, or follow his sister Silver into the darkness?
After a hideous car wreck, Lucas wakes from a coma to find that his world is gutted. Not only is his beloved twin sister, Silver, gone forever, but Lucas is broken in body and spirit. He will never be a college athlete, and is robbed of what he now realizes was the most important bond of his life. Although they weren't identical twins, Lucas and Silver shared a bond so fierce it defied reason, and was nearly supernatural.
After her death, that bond seems to endure when Lucas sees Silver everywhere he turns. Either he's crazy, or Silver is trying to tell him something about the California gang initiation they stumbled into that cost Silver her life. Lucas is bent on revenge, turning on Raymond, Silver's former boyfriend; the one Lucas never wanted her to date. He forms a posse of vigilantes to take out the gangsters responsible for Silver's death, but he risks not only his own life, but the love of the new girl on his block, who knows more about Lucas and Silver than can be accounted for by mere chance.

I read a little bit about the author and the making of this book, and I know it was inspired by the famous novel, "the Outsiders", one of my timeless favorites. This book doesn't really remind me of that particualar story, but it does remind me of the award winning Broadway play, "West Side Story." Let me explain.

Well to start off the story begins with Lucas and his twin sister Silver. After a hideous car wreck at the fault of a Mexican gang, Silver is dead and Lucas has broken several bones, ending his future career in football. As summer ends, Lucas returns to school without his football reputation. Despite being dead, Silver still maintains a pyschological connection with her brother, which gives him the idea to get revenge on the gang that caused her death.

Like West Side Story, this book tells of problems that arise upon the mixing of whites and Hispanics. 

Could not put it down. Did not put it down. Vigilante Nights was such a thrilling story that I read it in one sitting. I usually don't really enjoy books written in first person, but I just loved this one. To begin with, Lucas is now my new best friend. (If guys like him existed...) He was so relatable, and the bond he had with his sister is something I wish I had with mine. The other characters each had their own distinct personalities. I must admit, some things they did reminded me of characters in the Outsiders.

Plus, there was a love story. That I was not expecting. I feel like this story was blended together with just the right ingredients: a little bit of gang violence, paranormal elements, high-school problems, and first love.

One question I wished was answered was if Lucas' town had always had gang violence, or was the first sign of it was when his sister died?

I really, really liked this story and I think everyone who wants a novel without an overbearing romance and a lot of action will like it. And all the men who read this blog, now is the time to come out of the woodwork and actually take my advice. Do yourself a favor and read this book.

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  1. Great review. Glad you liked it :)

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to read & review Vigilante Nights, and to host me on your blog. I loved your review and I'm glad you loved VN!


  3. The love between siblings intrigues me. I want to read about how he avenges his sister.

  4. Thank you for the giveaway! The book looks really good! I love fantasy/paranormal.