Thursday, May 9, 2013

Guest Post by Natalie Tinti, Author of Sewing a Friendship

Hey guys. I'm excited for the first Serial Reader guest post from Natalie Tinti, Award Winning author of Sewing a Friendship. Natalie is a young girl who I am honored to have here. Despite her age, she has  achieved many things most adults haven't in their lifetime. Without any more of my blabber, introducing Natalie Tinti. 

One Day of My Writing

Saturday morning…is my writing time (if I don’t have any events or presentations). The first thing first: I make myself comfortable on the bed with a lot of pillows then I open up my miniature computer to find my recent work. Right now it’s The Wanted. I’m so close to finishing it! But completing a story seems to always be the hardest part of the whole writing process for me; I start giving up slowly when I’m getting closer and closer to the conclusion.
“Okay, let’s do this! I need only 5000 words, just 5000 more to wrap it all up, it’s less than 1/6th of the book. I’m going to complete it today! I know I can do it,” I try to cheer myself up. I really want to get it over with and start the next book and then the next book and next…There are so many ideas in my head and so little time to create.
I stare at the white screen as if I’m waiting for it to write on its own. “Come on,” I try to make my fingers start typing away.  I put down a word and just erase it. Bummer! My mind is already in another dimension creating a different story. I try another way to bust myself and get in the mood to finish this book, the one I am so close to finishing. What else can I do? Okay, I’ll read a couple of chapters of my manuscript. Usually after different ways of trying to find the perfect writing mood I get too much on the story that I can’t even think creatively. Few hours past and still I haven’t put down a word. I stare at the screen some more, slowly giving up at this writing thing today. Maybe tomorrow…
Then I just switch subject, go on Google and start listening to k-pop. It brought me to the dancing mood! I dance to myself in my head as I listen to the songs. Great! That’s was I need! I pull out my story again and start running my fingers across my keyboard. My dancing fingers go with the sound of the beat and I’m carried away. This is what usually gets me in the mood! Thanks k-pop, now I’m even closer on finishing my book, The Wanted.   

Image of Natalie Tinti
Natalie Tinti is a young person on the move: the award-winning author, illustrator, and speaker. At a young age she picked up on a problem it takes most adults a lifetime to understand. Her peers were having difficulty making friends and finding acceptance, and faced the all too common issue of bullying.
Being a young leader on the move, Natalie took action writing a bestselling children's book. Sewing Friendship, a book about making friends, building self-confidence, and finding acceptance both within you and from others was born. It is no surprise to anyone familiar with the issue of bullying the book became an overnight success.
What might surprise you is she was just 9 years old when she turned this idea into a reality. "I didn't think of being a writer or an illustrator, or even a speaker at that age, even though I loved to draw." She said while speaking recently to a group of young people.
12 more books in the Sewing Friendship, family would follow. Each with its own lesson designed to provide inspiration to children and parents alike.
Her favorite speaking engagements are always with other young people. Delivering a peer perspective Natalie helps young people to better understand the impact their actions can have on others. This helps them to see the important role they can play in helping others, "If more kids would learn to think this way, we'd have far less bullies in our schools and less children feeling alone, rejected, and unloved," she says.
At 13, after four years of hard work nobody would blame Natalie if she wanted to take a break. After dozens of interviews, and speaking engagements, and loads of newspaper press, she is as passionate as ever about her cause.
A slate of new books is planned and she is busy getting them ready for release, each with its own lesson. Further she has developed a new initiative to help other young people get their stories out, by putting together a children's book full of stories submitted by other children from around the world. The only question left to ask is: If she has come this far in 4 years, what will the next four years bring?

More about Natalie at

And you can buy Sewing a Friendship over on Amazon.

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