Monday, April 1, 2013

April Month of Poetry Kick Off ft. Emily Sturgill

As you all may know, April is the month of poetry. I am pleased to kick off this event by introducing my friend Emily Sturgill! Emily is a poet, author, and artist whom I met on Goodreads. Her blog, Sex in the Kitchen Sink features some of her widely praised work. Thanks to Emily for featuring my short story on her website!
For the month of April, Emily has agreed to allowing me to post not one, but four of her poems! Out of the four, this is one of the ones I enjoyed the most, not only because I relate to it, but I feel like its relevant to this blog in so many ways.


Words take me-

3/37/13 by Emily H. Sturgill
they take me, to places, i want
most desperately want to....GO.
words take me.
words take me to the heights
of sculpted passions, to the ends of lands, to the edge of time;
words take me.
they take me everywhere i long to go,
and even places, i do not wish to travel.
words take me.
to their secret-story place.
to that place hiding under a
blanket fort created of covers,
where your mom and dad
clearly do not realize,
you are up way past bedtime,
with a treasured book or two or three.
they are powerful. they are strong. they make time sit still/
for you to look at them/long/hard/time & time/again
words take me.
do you let words take you too?

words take me.

My favorite line is the part this I highlighted. I mean, everyone has done that once before, right. SO that's pretty cool that she expressed that in words that I couldn't even formulate!

Once again, see the link above for Emily's blog! As you can see in the This Month's Tour Page, Emily's poems are available free on Amazon, RIGHT NOW. Just click here. Check out Emily's author page right here.  Remember to subscribe to Emily's blog and download her book now, for free! For more of Emily's work, stay tuned for the April Month of Poetry Page,   dedicated to those four poems. 

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