Saturday, March 23, 2013

Books and Broomsticks B-Day Giveaway

Everyday is someone's birthday. Well it happens to be the birthday of the writer on Books and Broomsticks! She's 24! Yay!
Well, she is the one giving away things today. For one, she's giving away a whole bunch of swag in her a blog. A super promotional opportunity for your website can be won if you just enter. For two months, she'll promote your ads and posts. WTH possessed her to be so generous? Like honestly. I don't know.
Also, all those self published authors can enter to get a free custom book cover done. So enter today! You may win. If I don't win, of course. Cross your fingers for me. 

As of now, there are twelve days left in the giveaway. So get a move on!
See you soon!

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