Sunday, April 17, 2016

MY SECOND BOOK! Soft Eyes and Troubled Minds official blitz!

I am so excited to announce that during my absence I was working on a very special project of mine. My second book! It has been a dream of mine to publish a book with my best friend and I finally accomplished it. Our book of poetry, Soft Eyes and Troubled Minds, is now available on Amazon and Createspace.

 Even if you don't like poetry, there's a poem for everyone. We took great care in making sure the poems were easy to grasp, quirky, and relatable. For everyone who's been supporting me on this blog since day one, or understands the troubles of self publishing, please show support and purchase our book! I'd love to hear what you think about it.

Soft Eyes and Troubled Minds is a compilation of poetry and literary works by high school students Eboni Symone Porter and Isaiah Cole Louder. It addresses complex emotions and battles an average teenager deals with everyday. It also deals with depression, suicide, love, betrayal, self-image, stress, and finding happiness. This book was not created to make thousands of dollars, win awards, or attract fame. Its purpose is simply to remind the common person that the storm will pass. Do not be afraid.

You can find more information about me and my partner on our website (link above. It a lot better designed than this one, be sure to check it out) Make sure you follow me on Twitter @bloggerESP so you can make sure you get any tour details, coupon codes, and public appearances! And if you want to find out more about the process of making this book, the poems, etc, make sure you hit me up on any of my social media and I will be sure to respond to you!



Those poor, poor single days 
Filled with mixed emotions and desperate haze 
Delusional desire, obsession and fawning 
Causing sleepless nights and morning yawning 

She wanted love, kindness, and affection 
All he had was marijuana and an erection 
Her desperation to love was met with passionless hugs 
And piss colored beer stains on her bedroom rug 

He wanted a playmate for all day and night 
That would keep him satisfied without a fight 
Instead he got a creature with emotion and depth 
With her own desires that would never be met 

Love is not obtainable for it is simply a dream 
That causes not swooning, playmate but the need to scream 
How you disguise this reality is your blatant confusion 
For what you spend your life seeking is just an illusion 

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