Friday, February 28, 2014

March 2014 Coming Attractions! (Where I've Been)

Hey guys.

So as you may have (or may not have) noticed, I have been M.I.A. for a pretty long time. About two months ago I suffered the sudden deaths of two family members, one who stayed at my house for the latter portion of his life. In my grief, I found blogging one of the last things on my mind, but also spent quite a bit of time reading. So, flashforward, I think I'm ready to not only be back, but take this blog to the...

Next level.

In addition to awesome content here, you can also go to Kathy's blog (I Am A Reader, Not a Writer) to see some of my reviews there. Some books you will see featured here will be reviewed over there.

So here is what's coming up this month:

Every Tuesday: Authors Tell All Tuesday! Every Tuesday will feature an author answering one of the candid, uncomfortable to ask questions that we all wonder about! It's not just an interview, its not a guest post. It's something so more candid.

I'm super excited about this segment and I really want you all to participate. You can tweet me your questions @bloggerESP and one of them might be featured here! Also, let me know if you'd like any specific authors to be featured here! (And please don't say James Patterson or John Green, because you know damn well that's not happening)

Every Wednesday: Review Wednesday! Yes, finally I will have scheduled, regular reviews! Every Wednesday you can check out a review from me! Comment down below what you'd like me to review next.

Every Friday: ReadWave Friday! ReadWave contacted me a couple months back introducing me to their website and I just now got a chance to really look at it. In case you didn't know, ReadWave is a website that combines reading and writing, something you know I love! Not only can you read tons of short stories, but you can write them too. You can choose a writing challenge and publish what you wrote, or just keep it to yourself! You can read fiction or non-fiction stories. Some titles include "How to STAY Single in Your Twenties", Why Feminism is Giving You Cancer", and "What I've Learned From Sexting While High". It really is an awesome site, and I do plan to get into it. That is why every Friday will be ReadWave Friday, where a new story is featured here. I will give my mini review, you get to read the awesome-ness RIGHT HERE and maybe I will even get a little interview from the author...

And if one of you guys writes a story on Read Wave, email me and I'd be happy to read it. It could even end up here...

In addition to those three days of fun, cover reveals, giveaways, and blog tours will be weaved in between. So if you want to see all that, I suggest you stay tuned for March 2014!

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