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BLOG TOUR: Both Sides Now

Both Sides Now

Release Date: July 9th 2013
Publisher: Pertime Publishing
Average Rating: 4.9
Purchase: Amazon

Synopsis via Goodreads:
Just as she was flowering into her teens, life uprooted Dawn from the tanned crowds and sunny beaches of southern California. It transplanted her into rainy, rural Washington, where she strove to adjust, mature and thrive. Love came to Dawn--and was ripped from her by events and manipulations she could not control. But Dawn had a core of steel. An emotional castaway, she battled grimly through life's trials and sorrows, safeguarding her heart against further ravages. Then love reached out to Dawn once more--if she could find the courage and spirit to grab it with both hands, and this time, never let go. This is her story.

Someone slammed into my shoulder, making me stumble into my brother. 

I whipped around, my hair flying around my head as I lost control of my power. 

Logan stood there, a wicked grin tilting up one corner of his mouth. I considered 

letting a little of my explosive power loose, but I’d be on a slippery slope if I 

did. I knew from past experience that I must be starting to glow by now, but the 

other students seemed to be filing past without noticing. With more willpower 

than I thought I possessed, I reined myself in. Once the fires were quenched, I 

realized what a bad idea it would have been to let them out. I glanced around, 

but the only people who seemed to have noticed were Violet and Antonio.

“What exactly is going on?” Violet asked. She narrowed her eyes as she 

studied me. “I…felt something. And I think you glowed.”

I wanted to tell her nothing had happened aside from a confrontation with a 

jerk, but Logan wasn’t done being a grade-A bully.

Logan got really close, almost in my face. “Fae.” He spat the word like it was 

distasteful. “And a good girl I’d bet.” He packed so much malice into the words, 

I felt offended, despite the fact that I really was a good girl.

My brother’s strong fingers wrapped around my upper arm, pulling me back. 

As I took one reluctant step away from the boy who’d been trying so desperately 

to rile me up, my hand raised, my fingers clenched tightly in a fist I was moments 

from throwing. And if I lost control of myself, even for a moment, I could turn 

the school into a fiery inferno. I took a deep breath to calm myself as I glanced 

around at the students who had no idea how close they had been to disaster.

Something odd was going on here. Why weren’t the humans noticing us 

using magic in the middle of the hall? They should be freaking out, stampeding

out the doors and reporting the freaks to the government by now. Instead they 

just hurried about their lives, chattering about inconsequential things as if they 

were life and death. I suppose to them, it was. But it was hard to imagine a 

formal dance as the most important event of the year when you’re standing toe 

to toe with a boy who wanted to hurt you simply because you were there.

“You reek of good.” Logan was cloaked in darkness as he spoke, shadows 

rolling around him like smoke. Horns curved forward out of the dark hair on 

top of his head, the tips curving up to his hairline. I glanced around again but the 

students continued to flow around us as if they didn’t see anything. Maybe they 


My brother coughed and I could feel a surge of energy in him, a strange 

sixth sense we shared. I grabbed his wrist before he did something as stupid, as 

I tried not to do the same. I glanced around again, still expecting everyone to be

standing and staring at us. Aside from a few scattered stragglers, we were alone in 

the hall. A boy with dark curls rounded the corner, rushing to Logan’s side. He 

grabbed his arm and gave him a shake.

“Dude, back off.”

Logan snarled at him, and the shorter boy’s eyes glowed red, moving as if 

the irises were made of liquid. With his jaw set, Logan stepped backwards away

from me.

“Is this entire school made up of fae?” I asked, spinning to face forward 

with my hands thrown up in the air. Too late I remembered Violet walking along

beside us, oblivious to the fae world.

She took the weirdness in stride. “Not entirely, but we seem to have more 

than our fair share. I think all the teachers are, and a good chunk of the staff 


Or maybe not so oblivious. I didn’t realize I had stopped until she turned to 

face me.

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  1. Thank you for the excerpt. I am going to like reading the book.

  2. I love fae! I'm adding Both Sides Now to my TBR shelf:) Thanks!!