Friday, May 31, 2013

Dancing With Deception Review & Giveaway

I never have read a novella so in honor of reading my first short little novel, I'm going to do a short little review. So lets have some fun with this.

How far would you go to keep your nightmares a secret?

Wendy has been struggling with vivid, chilling nightmares that leave her exhausted and horrified. What will Wendy do to protect her secret when she discovers her nightmares are real? Death is coming and he’s coming for her.

Read the chilling prequel to the paranormal romance, Dancing with Death.

My Thoughts on Dancing with Deception
  1. I liked the idea of nightmares developing into reality. I didn't really understand Wendy and why it took her so long to take action with the idea of young women like herself dying. The plot, it thought, was slightly developed the way that it was intended. It did give me goosebumps, I won't lie. 
  2. Wendy, I really didn't get the chance to know because of the length of the book. I didn't particularly understand her. The book spanned over several years and there wasn't much of a change between her. The wasn't a character I could really relate with or grow a liking toward.
  3. The story did leave me wanting more for two reasons. One, I was excited to see how he plot developed. Two, the absence of character and plot development left me wanting more.
I'm not sure that novellas are for me, but I trust that there could be so much more made of this book. I'm looking forward to reviewing the sequel.

My Rating: 6.5/10


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