Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lavender Surprise by Emily Sturgill Promo

Hey guys! I am excited to bring to you a promo from my friend, Emily! As you know, she was featured in my post on poetry, (sorry forgot what it was called) and in the page above that says "April is the Month of Poetry." She just released several volumes of poems and art, and the most recent one is the one above. Lavender surprise, yay!

Here's the blurb, via Amazon:

A chapbook containing both poetry and artwork by the Poet/Artist/Author. The poems are in a vein of surrealistic poetry. There is both color and black and white artworks. It is roughly 35 pages long. It is the Author's seventh chapbook this year.

I personally own a copy of this book, so believe me when I say it has unique poetry and artwork! You can catch a copy right HERE  on Amazon Kindle and Kindle apps right now!

Emily Sturgill
Biography of Emily Sturgill
About me:
I live in a suburb of Detroit Michigan.
I started drawing at age 4. I wrote my first poem at age 8.
I began painting at age 18, shortly after being diagnosed manic-depressive. I attended college part-time for many years. After 13 years I earned my Bachelors of Fine Arts-concentration of painting in May 2006. In fall 2006, I was accepted into the Masters of Education program, of Art Education with a concentration in Art Therapy. I graduated from Wayne State University in Detroit Mi for both of my degrees. I obtained my Masters of Education in May 2012.
I deeply believe that one day the right job will find me,
It will have the perfect fit, snug like a glove.
My hobbies include, reading, writing, walking my dogs, spending time with my husband,
Listening to music of all kinds, from classic rock, to classic alternative, to blues, classical, folk.
Gothic bands somewhat, New Age, any music with violins or cello
I long for the opportunity to do what I do best, and inspire others

Since then I have been seeking employment opportunities as an Art Therapist with a M.ed.

See Emily's author page and more of her work HERE.
For more poems and art by Emily, click HERE. 

Remember to click on the April is the Month of Poetry tab to see four original poems by Emily!


  1. Hi Eboni,
    Thanks for sharing info about "Lavender Surprise:Poetry and Art." Unfortunately, the free promo period was only 3 days. It ended on Sunday. The book is still available for purchase along with my 6 other poetry/artist chapbooks. My latest book is a personal memoir about growing up and living over 20 years with bipolar disorder. There will be a five day promo on that book May 18-May 23, 2013. It is called "Memoirs recalled madness: a personal account of manic-depressive illness." It is 77 pages long, with personal family photos and such-however the only real name i use in the book is my own Emily Sturgill. This is to protect the privacy of family and friends. As a person in recovery from mental illness, i realize i see the world through the lens of bipolar sunglasses. It is my story told from my point of view-other family members may disagree or be hurt. I did not write it for them however. I wrote it for others facing this disease, or others who work with those or counsel those facing mental illness.

    1. Oh yes, I know the free promo is over. This is just promoting the book as a whole, not just the free version.

    2. New chapbook, just released last week, "Once, I was the Rain:Poetry and Artwork.'by Emily Sturgill
      Ongoing free kindle download started on Earth day-this past Monday and lasts until Friday April 27, 2013 at 11:59 pm.For more info visit my authors page: or my author website at:
      or download it directly here:

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