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Jagged Little Edges: Review and Teaser

Edgy Addiction Fantasy New Adult

British Columbia author Lorelie Rozzano has taken her own life experience shackled by the chains of addiction and is turning it into a series of fictional novels that weave first-hand experience into compelling stories. The book takes you on a ten year journey, through the depths of despair, as Lyndsey, a darkly fascinating protagonist, looks for her happily ever after. This story will move and inspire you. It will leave you on the edge of your seat wanting more. The first in the series – Jagged Little Edges is now available.

This would be the first book I have read based on addiction. Everyone hears a lot of things about drugs and such, but no one every really knows the story behind it. Jagged Little Edges tells the story of not only the physical pain, but the mental torment that our main character Lyndsey goes through.

Though Lyndsey is the main character, I don't believe the point of the book was to tell HER story. I think it was meant to tell the story of every drug addict. I personally enjoy books that allow you to see the "other side" of things, and I believed this book accomplished this. Not only is there subject matter on drugs/addiction, the novel highlights topics such as abusive relationships, family problems, pregnancies, and other things. So basically there is something in there for everyone.

Within the first few pages, I was able to fall into Lyndsey's story. The novel takes place over a ten year period, and I thought it was amazing to see how she changed, and in some ways, how she didn't. We can watch the emotional scares that addiction and social problems has inflicted upon her. What Lorelie was able to accomplish with Jagged Little Edges is incredible.

Sometime's I wished the book would've included more dialogue, though I understand that the book was more of a mental thing. The format will take some getting used to, but I don't think it'll be too hard to catch the gist of.

 Overall, I choose to keep Jagged Little Edges on my bookshelf.

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  1. I appreciate your keen observation, you're right I'm not just telling Lyndsey's story. This story is bigger. It's the story of many. Addiction thrives in secrecy and isolation. Honest conversation is key to promoting successful recovery.

    Thank you, Lorelie Rozzano.