Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Reader and A Writer?

For me, like reading, writing has always come naturally. I'm working on a book write now, matter fact. Let me tell you a few things about me and writing. We have a bit of history, you see.

  1. I starting songwriting with my sisters at four years old.
  2. By the second grade, I was speaking at school assemblies, reading my work.
  3. Also in the second grade, I read my poetry on the loudspeaker. 
  4. I had my first published work at nine.
  5. I've had work in a volume of poetry. 
  6. I've read poetry at a poetry gathering. 
  7. I receive scholarships to programs and workshops every month. 
  8. I wrote a letter to Obama and the First Lady. They wrote me back.
  9. I've done book tours with my father.
I sure there are things I'm forgetting, but this post was not to toot my own horn. It's to show you that you can begin writing and publishing your work whenever you want. Now, I've never published a full novel by myself but I'm working on it now. I didn't go to any fancy schools. I'm just a person, who likes to read. 

So you can be a reader and I writer. Everyone develops their own unique writing styles, without even knowing it. You may think you have no desire to right, but have you ever thought I could have written this book better than the author or that would make a good book?

Yeah, I thought so.

So here are steps you can take to be both a reader and a writer.

1. Write. Self explanatory, huh? Search up writing prompts to find your niche. Here's some examples:
  •       A boy robs a bank, but blames it on his twin.
  •       A middle aged man falls in love with a recent high school graduate. 
  •       A woman discovers her son's suicide note moments before he kills himself.
Okay, those are more like ideas for novels. But I'm just throwing out ideas here. Take it and run with it. 

2. Find your talent. I know I'm best at writing science fiction in the third person. What are you good at?
3. Find your type. What type of writing do you do best? Songwriting? Play writing?
4. Don't compare yourself to others. It will set you up for failure.
5. Email your work to me. If you feel comfortable doing that, I'll critique your work for free, but please, don't send me your 400 page autobiography.

Reading is a cinch, and writing can be too. Try it out. It can be your career someday. 


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